Complaint time

Well I declare 2013 to be the ‘Year of the Inconsiderate’

I’ve spent the first 4 days of the new year back at work, commuting into London as is my wont, and I’ve seen nothing but inconsiderate people on my journey to and fro.

Now you know me, I’m not one to complain unecessarily. But I have seen some of the worst of humanity come out of their huts lately.

This morning – standing on the tube train between the rows of seats, next to a woman wearing the ‘Baby on Board’ badge while the 2 guys and 2 women sat in front of her with their heads down and their earphones in. Inconsiderants!

Mind you, when I tapped one of the guys on the shoulder and told him to stand up she promptly said ‘It’s OK, I get off at the next stop’. What IS the point of wearing the badge if you don’t take the bloody seat when it’s offered?

Next, the crowd of schoolboys that insist on blocking the whole path next to the bus stop causing folks to have to walk in the road to get round them. Last year’s phone call to the school obviously didn’t have any affect so maybe I’ll call the Police next time and tell them that there’s fighting and maybe even knives around. Let’s see if the posh local school like their name associated with thuggery. Inconsiderants!

And yesterday I met the Large Hadron Collider. It was disguised as a very dark, very tall and quite fat woman wearing a backpack, who decided to stand in the gangway just inside the doors of the train thus stopping anyone from getting past her to a seat without feeling the spite of her tongue. Inconsiderants!

I’m sure there will be more


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So, what am I going to put in my 100th post? Some banal gibberish extolling the virtues of blooging or ……………………… Another bloody good moan?

On the bus this morning and sitting behind a couple of guys who were sharing a set of headphones. The guy on the right had his hand over his ear and I couldn’t hear anything from his speaker. The guy on the left either has big earholes or he doesn’t know how to get an earplug in because all I could hear was a perpetual hiss and some stupid sounding bass. Oh well, it’s only a few minutes on the bus.

At the next stop a schoolgirl gets on and stands with phone/ipod/whatever in hand and a set of earphones in. For some reason, her music (pah) was also emanating from her device. And where was the device? Right next to Mr Left’s ear. Oh what a shame. Now he knows what it feels like to listen to someone else’s inane crap when you’d really like some peace.


Happy Arthur’s day, my dear reader

J x

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Is it me or is it Memorex?

Is it just me (actually, I know of at least 3 other people!) that HATES it when people don’t type/print/email their London telephone numbers in the correct format?

It’s not 0207 – blah, blah, blah – yap, yap, yap, yap

It’s 020 (that’s the clue that you’re dialling London), then 4 numbers (which will begin with a 7 or an 8 or a 3) and that the code for the area of London that you’re reaching, and then 4 more numbers (that’s the person’s number)

So, the telephone number for Buckingham palace is 020 7930 4832. NOT 0207 930 4832

It isn’t rocket science. Let’s get it right people. Please? For my sanity?


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Greetings Earthlings

I hear young people greet each other all the time with the most peculiar comment.

It goes; ‘Hi, yawl rite’. This comment is also now used extensively by shop workers who add the extra ‘their’ to the greeting with a slight inquisitive air at the end.

In this Olmypic (in joke) year one could be forgiven for thinking that this is a warning from the correspondent that there is a 2 masted wooden sailing craft approaching and about to complete some strange act of ceremony. This is incorrect.

I think I have now figured out the true meaning of this saying. If you listen closely, it actually translates into – ‘Hi, are you alright?’ It appears to be an attempt at finding out if someone is in good health/spirits and may actually be the devolvement of the original greeting – ‘Hello, how are you?’

I believe that the shop greeting is apparently the equivalent to ‘Excuse me, can I help you?’

Personally, when asked, especially by shop staff, if I’m ‘Awl rite’, I answer with a polite, ‘I am well thank you’ and I walk off or just ignore them.

I don’t want our language to be dissolved to the lowest common denominator please.

J x

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Now I’m serious.

They’ve now reported that smoking cannabis before the age of 18 can make you stupid. According to one newspaper reporter, if they’d said ‘Cannabis makes you stupid’, rather than ‘Cannabis is illegal’ he would have paid more attention.

Well, duh! Mate, not only does cannabis make you stupid, smoking means you are stupid, and smelly, and broke, and anti-social.

So, I gues you were actually stupid all along. You just didn’t realise it.

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Did anyone actually enjoy the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games last night? I found it boring, downbeat and generally so highbrow that it went over my head quicker than Tanni Grey Thompson in a wheelchair (what was that all about?)

I’m sorry if, dear reader, you found it interesting. I for one, did not.

The strange thing is, although I’ve never tuned in to watch paralympic sports before, I’m actually looking forward to seeing some of the upcoming events. I do have some issues and hopefully they will be resolved by watching the sport in question. Like, what is ‘Sitting Volleyball’ ? If the team is sat on the floor, don’t you just aim the ball for the area that they aren’t in? Curious. And the sport I most want to see – wheelchair rugby. If those guys are the sort of nutters that like playing rugby, the distraction of having a wheelchair in the way will just make the whole game interesting!


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A strange day

What a strange day. Apart from the fact that it’s the first day back to work after a Bank Holiday (just spoken to someone in Scotland who said they had to work yesterday, it’s a bloody English Bank Holiday and they don’y get the day off!) and that strating work on a Tuesday always feels weird, London has a peculiar air to it today. It may be the calm before the storm as the Paralympics approaches or it may be the last week that the kids are off school. Either way, it’s quiet. The overground wasn’t crowded. The Central line was almost empty – still didn’t get a seat though 😦 and the pavements actually had gaps for me to walk in between Poultry and Cannon St.

Still, the day still has it’s interesting (?) side.

A word to the unwise – tourists, when you a) cross the road, b) walk out of a shop, c) get off the tube/bus/taxi or d) decide you’re lost ……….. DON’T just stop where you are. You will be in my/someones way and you will be an obstuction and you will be cursed/muttered at until you move to one side. So wise up and check your mirrors please.

And it’s now mid-August. Where’s the sunshine? I am really missing the gamut of girls with brown legs and short skirts that fill the streets of London when it’s warm.

Bring back the sunshine!

J x

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