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I see dead people

Do planted trees and flowers grow better in cemeteries or are decomposing humans not nutritious? Advertisements

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Not such a good idea methinks

In the press today it says that Spain has named Rajoy Names De Guindos as it’s new Economy Minister. The last job this guy had was as a banker with Lehman Brothers. Maybe not such a good plan? J

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Merry Christmas for somebody

The ultimate dress-down day for someone today. Crossing Old Broad Street in London this morning, dressed in a FULL Santa suit, was a guy. obviously on his way to work. He was looking quite serious too and I suppose he should … Continue reading

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Twas the ass before Christmas

I ought to make a New Year Resolution to not listen to conversations on the train but I just know that I wouldn’t keep it. Take last night for instance. I get on the train just as one City type … Continue reading

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The other day Metro published a lovely article on hangover remedies that said to alleviate a hangover, one should indulge in a protein rich breakfast. They cited scrambled eggs on toast, bacon, cheese and yoghurt as great foundations for an … Continue reading

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One of the many splendid benefits of Christmas decorations is that they give you ability and the wherewithal to gaze interrupted into folks front rooms under the pretext of checking out their tree/lights/baubles. J

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My other passion in life is watching rugby. I’m not that bothered if it’s an international or a Sunday league team, I just enjoy the sport. I do however enjoy the ‘moment of impact’. That crunching tackle that stops the … Continue reading

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