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More from J U-S. This man makes SO much sense sometimes.

George Osborne’s efforts last week to try and establish London as the Western centre for the trading of the Chinese currency should be congratulated however, some of the headlines seemed to get a little enthusiastic over something which is going … Continue reading

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A Handbag?

All due to Oscar, but what is it with women carrying huge designer bags in the crook of their elbow, making them twice as wide as their usual FAT hips are normally? Breathe in or slim down girls. As you … Continue reading

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Investing – a wonderful excerpt from a wonderful book

Investing Is Not Entertainment – Carl Richards We get into trouble when we confuse investing with enter­tainment. A decade or so ago, investing had become America’s fa­vorite spectator sport. Everywhere you went people were talking about finding the next hot … Continue reading

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More wisdom from J U-S

I can only presume that most of the population must have comforted themselves with excessive amounts of alcohol to try and negate the seemingly unremitting gloom that was aired throughout the holiday period. Soothsayers for the forthcoming year seemed to … Continue reading

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Pedestrians and plagiarism (or is it if you quote the source?)

I have copied this from an article by Nick Curtis, from the Evening Standard. While it could be seen to be aimed at me as well (being a pedestrian at times) I am NOT guilty of any of the ‘crimes’ … Continue reading

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I love the music for that car insurance company – it certainly does remind me to – “Go Elsewhere, Go Elsewhere” J

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