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They’re all mad, I tell you

Quote of the day: “You could argue that the people who are most essential are those who are the best paid. This would mean hedge fund bosses. But that argument is obviously bonkers.” Dr Tim Leunig, economic historian at the London School … Continue reading

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The More is less

Well, more or less. The vaste swathes of metal fencing are being replaced by – Pavement! At last, I can walk unobstructed from Dowgate Hill to Walbrook. Apart from the road that is. And Cannon Street is back to 2 … Continue reading

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Am I paying for this?

Is this one of the wettest droughts the UK has ever had? J

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Footloose and the tap tackle

Since I started to commute into London I have noticed how many people (especially men) have become adept at the ‘Delayed Foot’ walk. This is not a Basil Fawlty/John Cleese creation but more of a necessity to avoid catching the … Continue reading

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Your dying wish?

Extract from a Justin Urquart-Stewart passage on a technical webpage… The subject of coffins rarely gets discussed over our dining table, although some family members seem to have quite firm views as to where and when they wish their mortal … Continue reading

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Wanna dance?

I am useless at dancing. They say (who exactly are ‘They’? Is this just an anonymous group of individuals who once said something important about this topic? If so, and now bearing mind that I’m about to mention it as … Continue reading

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Evolution of the species

On the train on the way to work I have just watched a young girl type, on her BlackBerry, what I assume was an urgent text or email. She typed what I beleive to be about 40 words in as many … Continue reading

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