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Bus journeys

As a seasoned commuter of 18 months I feel that I am now qualified to comment on the standards of driving of some of the bus drivers in and around my home town of Romford. There is a particular bus route … Continue reading

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A little piece of More

How lovely to see the construction team that are working on the multi-million pound redevelopment of the Cannon Street area checking their work with a good old-fashioned 3 foot long B&Q style plastic spirit level. Technology – pah! Well done … Continue reading

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My train journey

OK, firstly, it’s not MY train, I just use it On Friday I came into work using my usual route at my usual time and was astonished to get a SEAT on the Central Line train out of Stratford to … Continue reading

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After what must have a thin news day last weekend, interviewers were reduced to speaking to people about dinosaur flatulence and its impact on global warming.  There comes yet more natural waste news although this has at least a slightly … Continue reading

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A trip round France

A bit of a journey round France including a stay with our friends who live near Bordeaux and a weekend at the Harley-Davidson rally in St Tropez.

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Sussed it!

I’ve worked it out. When we have a drought in the UK we ban hosepipes – and it pours with rain So, we must now ban all forms of sun protection. Creams, oils, hats, brollys, the lot What’s gonna happen? … Continue reading

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Water, water everywhere

In the UK we apparently have a drought. As a result of this we have a hosepipe ban. This is to stop me from using much needed water to keep my grass green. I have a secret. I have my … Continue reading

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