When you thought they couldn’t take any More…

I thought it was all getting better. They moved the barrier back in Bucklersbury a while ago and it made more room for pedestrians to walk. Maybe they’re upset that I didn’t mention that in dispatches? Little did I know, it was all part of their cunning plan.

“So what have they done now?” I hear you cry.

Well dear reader, they moved the barrier back so that they can dig a HUGE hole down the middle of Bucklersbury!







THEN, not content with that, there’s another huge hole been dug in the middle of the pavement where Walbrook meets St Stephens Walk.







All of these roads are made up of small cobblestone-like paving bricks which are quite cute, if a little un-nerving if you are a lady in stilettos I imagine. I do hope that they’re going to put them back properly and not just tarmac the whole lot over. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they tarmac’d!

Then, dear reader, as I walk down the road (across the finished Cannon Street which looks lovely now), what do I spy? Huge holes in Dowgate Hill! I despair.







And this was all supposed to end this month. See next post for rant about THIS!



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