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Going slightly red for the Olmypics (‘In joke’)

Day 2 of the Olmypic (☺) commute. And true to form TfL (Transport for London) are back to normal – in fact, better than normal – with this mornings announcement that – the whole Central Line is busted! For those that … Continue reading

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I got a seat during the Olympics!

I should have started on day one really and posted this yesterday but I really didn’t realise how much fun and how diverse the daily commute to work was going to be during the Olympics. So, Day 1 Well, to be … Continue reading

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Fat kids can’t jump

The Disney corporation has announced that by 2015 it will phase out adverts for products that do not conform to its nutritional guidelines, and will also aim to promote healthier foods such as fruit. Why 2015 Disney? Why not now, … Continue reading

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A different kinda More!

This post is aimed ostensibly at UK readers. It’s about time we all paid more tax. There. I said it. Now you can all come over and lynch me. But ……… just before you do, would you like to listen … Continue reading

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Too funny not to copy and paste. Thanks Mike

The teacher said, “Let’s begin by reviewing some American history. Who said ‘Give me Liberty , or give me Death’?” She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Little Hodaiki a bright foreign exchange student from Japan , who … Continue reading

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Hands up. Your money or your drugs!

So now HSBC have been fined $1bn for Money Laundering for a Mexican drug cartel. They have openly admitted that they knew something wasn’t quite right but carried on regardless. Their Head of Compliance has resigned. It’s on about page … Continue reading

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Apparently, now in London, you are never more than 9 feet away from a woman who’s read a 50 Shades book! Let’s be careful out there people. J

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