A strange day

What a strange day. Apart from the fact that it’s the first day back to work after a Bank Holiday (just spoken to someone in Scotland who said they had to work yesterday, it’s a bloody English Bank Holiday and they don’y get the day off!) and that strating work on a Tuesday always feels weird, London has a peculiar air to it today. It may be the calm before the storm as the Paralympics approaches or it may be the last week that the kids are off school. Either way, it’s quiet. The overground wasn’t crowded. The Central line was almost empty – still didn’t get a seat though 😦 and the pavements actually had gaps for me to walk in between Poultry and Cannon St.

Still, the day still has it’s interesting (?) side.

A word to the unwise – tourists, when you a) cross the road, b) walk out of a shop, c) get off the tube/bus/taxi or d) decide you’re lost ……….. DON’T just stop where you are. You will be in my/someones way and you will be an obstuction and you will be cursed/muttered at until you move to one side. So wise up and check your mirrors please.

And it’s now mid-August. Where’s the sunshine? I am really missing the gamut of girls with brown legs and short skirts that fill the streets of London when it’s warm.

Bring back the sunshine!

J x


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