Did anyone actually enjoy the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games last night? I found it boring, downbeat and generally so highbrow that it went over my head quicker than Tanni Grey Thompson in a wheelchair (what was that all about?)

I’m sorry if, dear reader, you found it interesting. I for one, did not.

The strange thing is, although I’ve never tuned in to watch paralympic sports before, I’m actually looking forward to seeing some of the upcoming events. I do have some issues and hopefully they will be resolved by watching the sport in question. Like, what is ‘Sitting Volleyball’ ? If the team is sat on the floor, don’t you just aim the ball for the area that they aren’t in? Curious. And the sport I most want to see – wheelchair rugby. If those guys are the sort of nutters that like playing rugby, the distraction of having a wheelchair in the way will just make the whole game interesting!



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