Greetings Earthlings

I hear young people greet each other all the time with the most peculiar comment.

It goes; ‘Hi, yawl rite’. This comment is also now used extensively by shop workers who add the extra ‘their’ to the greeting with a slight inquisitive air at the end.

In this Olmypic (in joke) year one could be forgiven for thinking that this is a warning from the correspondent that there is a 2 masted wooden sailing craft approaching and about to complete some strange act of ceremony. This is incorrect.

I think I have now figured out the true meaning of this saying. If you listen closely, it actually translates into – ‘Hi, are you alright?’ It appears to be an attempt at finding out if someone is in good health/spirits and may actually be the devolvement of the original greeting – ‘Hello, how are you?’

I believe that the shop greeting is apparently the equivalent to ‘Excuse me, can I help you?’

Personally, when asked, especially by shop staff, if I’m ‘Awl rite’, I answer with a polite, ‘I am well thank you’ and I walk off or just ignore them.

I don’t want our language to be dissolved to the lowest common denominator please.

J x


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3 Responses to Greetings Earthlings

  1. Funny that it makes, “Hello, how are you?” seem rather formal.
    Yet it’s just so easy to say “Awrite?” and reply, “Yeh.” Although it sounds awful I find it inoffensive because it shows the person cares enough to ask!

    • jokerbiker says:

      That’s just my point. If they cared enough, they’d ask you properly and not just give you a perfunctory bit of garble.
      The Senior Director at work greets me evering morning with, ‘Good morning, how are you?’. I think that’s really polite. I answer him (most days) with, ‘I’m well thank you. How are you?’. Pleasantries exchanged, we both work on.

      The one thing that i do object to though is hearing that from shop staff. They don’t want to know how I am. I fel that they are just being lazy and impolite.
      To be honest, if I ran a shop I would have my staff saying ‘hello, can I help you?’ or not working for me. ‘Can I help you’ is a precursor to a possible sale and isn’t that what shops need? I was in direct sales for a long time and I was taught to always ask for the business. You don’t earn money asking people if they are, ‘awrite’.
      Maybe that’s why our economy is suffering?

  2. kelihasablog says:

    Very funny! I love it… Thanks for stopping by my spot earlier. Your time is appreciated! 😀

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