So, what am I going to put in my 100th post? Some banal gibberish extolling the virtues of blooging or ……………………… Another bloody good moan?

On the bus this morning and sitting behind a couple of guys who were sharing a set of headphones. The guy on the right had his hand over his ear and I couldn’t hear anything from his speaker. The guy on the left either has big earholes or he doesn’t know how to get an earplug in because all I could hear was a perpetual hiss and some stupid sounding bass. Oh well, it’s only a few minutes on the bus.

At the next stop a schoolgirl gets on and stands with phone/ipod/whatever in hand and a set of earphones in. For some reason, her music (pah) was also emanating from her device. And where was the device? Right next to Mr Left’s ear. Oh what a shame. Now he knows what it feels like to listen to someone else’s inane crap when you’d really like some peace.


Happy Arthur’s day, my dear reader

J x


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One Response to Gotcha!

  1. haha, yes I hate that too. But I think I am also guilty of it! A man tapped me on the shoulder and said my music was too loud once. Said sorry and turned it down 🙂

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