Complaint time

Well I declare 2013 to be the ‘Year of the Inconsiderate’

I’ve spent the first 4 days of the new year back at work, commuting into London as is my wont, and I’ve seen nothing but inconsiderate people on my journey to and fro.

Now you know me, I’m not one to complain unecessarily. But I have seen some of the worst of humanity come out of their huts lately.

This morning – standing on the tube train between the rows of seats, next to a woman wearing the ‘Baby on Board’ badge while the 2 guys and 2 women sat in front of her with their heads down and their earphones in. Inconsiderants!

Mind you, when I tapped one of the guys on the shoulder and told him to stand up she promptly said ‘It’s OK, I get off at the next stop’. What IS the point of wearing the badge if you don’t take the bloody seat when it’s offered?

Next, the crowd of schoolboys that insist on blocking the whole path next to the bus stop causing folks to have to walk in the road to get round them. Last year’s phone call to the school obviously didn’t have any affect so maybe I’ll call the Police next time and tell them that there’s fighting and maybe even knives around. Let’s see if the posh local school like their name associated with thuggery. Inconsiderants!

And yesterday I met the Large Hadron Collider. It was disguised as a very dark, very tall and quite fat woman wearing a backpack, who decided to stand in the gangway just inside the doors of the train thus stopping anyone from getting past her to a seat without feeling the spite of her tongue. Inconsiderants!

I’m sure there will be more



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One Response to Complaint time

  1. There are far too many inconsiderants out there! They have obviously never learned any manners or people skills whatsoever 🙂

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