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Fat kids can’t jump

The Disney corporation has announced that by 2015 it will phase out adverts for products that do not conform to its nutritional guidelines, and will also aim to promote healthier foods such as fruit. Why 2015 Disney? Why not now, … Continue reading

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Food for thought

For all those vegetarians out there. And before you ask, ‘No, I don’t care if they were real animals once’. J

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After what must have a thin news day last weekend, interviewers were reduced to speaking to people about dinosaur flatulence and its impact on global warming.  There comes yet more natural waste news although this has at least a slightly … Continue reading

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We eat turkey, we eat chicken, we eat partridge, pheasant and quail. In other countries they eat all manner of other birds. Why don’t we eat seagull? There’s enough of them. They’re quite plump. Are they protected?, or just disgusting? … Continue reading

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The other day Metro published a lovely article on hangover remedies that said to alleviate a hangover, one should indulge in a protein rich breakfast. They cited scrambled eggs on toast, bacon, cheese and yoghurt as great foundations for an … Continue reading

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Cheats Chocolate Trifle

The dish I am known for throughout the family. Stolen from a cook book many,many years ago so I have no idea who to credit ☺ This dessert takes me about 30 minutes to make (plus chillin’ time) and about 15 … Continue reading

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