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It’s a Neverending More(y)

So, further to my last rant about the state of the pavements and roads round here (Cannon St Station area) I now discover that Conway will NOT be finished at the end of June as promised. We’ve just had a … Continue reading

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When you thought they couldn’t take any More…

I thought it was all getting better. They moved the barrier back in Bucklersbury a while ago and it made more room for pedestrians to walk. Maybe they’re upset that I didn’t mention that in dispatches? Little did I know, … Continue reading

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A little piece of More

How lovely to see the construction team that are working on the multi-million pound redevelopment of the Cannon Street area checking their work with a good old-fashioned 3 foot long B&Q style plastic spirit level. Technology – pah! Well done … Continue reading

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OMG! Yet More!

So, not content with stealing most of Walbrook, half of Bucklersbury and a big slice of Dowgate Hill, the ‘Developers’ have now nicked what seems to be most of Cannon Street. To get from Walbrook to Cannon St tube – … Continue reading

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